Private Pilots License - Gulf  / UK

The course is offered by Go Fly Global through the British Aviation center and Go Fly Oxford.

It permits you to act as the pilot in command of an aircraft for private use. A comprehensive qualification, the PPL syllabus includes both 45 hours  practical flight training and 2 months ground based study in the Gulf to fully prepare you to pass the 9 ground exams. Everything you will need to know to pass the final flight test and obtain your licence. The EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Licence is valid throughout the UK and Europe and it is highly respected worldwide.

2 months in the Gulf and 45 hours flying in the UK.


Structured Hour Building - UK

Go Fly Global offers 100 hours solo flight time building in a way to add to your experience and prepare you for the CPL. The course period is 9 weeks.

ATPL Ground School - Gulf

The course is offered by Go Fly Global through the British Aviation Centre and Propilot UK.

The ATPL is a 6 months full time course in Kuwait to cover 14 ground school subjects.

Commercial Pilots License - UK

The course is offered by Go Fly Global Through Go Fly Oxford.

The Initial training conducted in a Cessna 150 increases the proficiency of the student in general handling and flight in the airfield circuit to a commercial standard.

Following this the training starts in a Piper PA28 Arrow focuses on cross-country navigation, which includes VFR and IFR en-route procedures, diversion procedures and abnormal and emergency operations.

The final section consists of preparation and a 170A test (skill test rehearsal) in a Piper PA28 Arrow.

5  weeks

Multi Engine Instrument Rating -UK

The course is offered by Go Fly Global Through Go Fly Oxford.

There is a 7 hours in  Multi Engine Aircraft for the grant of the MEP Rating.

This rating consists of 45 hours

• 30 hours for FNPT Simulator

• 20 hours twin engine aircraft.

Our simulators are used to train you in the principle of airways flying paying particular attention to the use of check lists, flight planning, communications, precision flying, procedures and emergencies. The 20-30hrs in the class specific simulator allows the student to become totally familiar with a multi-engine cockpit enabling them to smoothly adjust to any multi-engine class aircraft for the practical flying in a Seneca.

5 weeks 

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