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CPL/FAA   270 hours cost $41,300 paid in four stages

Stage one        $12,250 paid before starting the ground school in KSA

Stage two        $3,150 paid before traveling to the USA to start the PPL                   

Stage three     $13,250 paid before the IR course 

Stage four       $13,250 paid before starting the Hour Building 


The Course Structure:

Private Pilots License - KSA / USA

Starting with the theory in Saudi Arabia, you can undertake one of two courses;

A one week full time intensive program in Saudi Arabia 

After the completion of the theory program the student will have the flexibility to chose when to travel to the USA and start the PPL. 

The PPL course is a 9 week full time course comprising of 52 hours total flying time.

The Instrument Rating- USA

The student pilot will undertake flight training with sole reference only  to the instruments.

The IR course is a 9 week full time course comprising of 47 hours flying time .

Structured Hour Building 

A minimum of 146 hours solo flying time.

Course Period is 9 weeks.

Multi Engine CPL - USA

Multi Engine CPL is 25 hours flying time.

Course period is 9 weeks.

* The Course Fees Do Not include the Check rides. 

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The registration fees are $385 to include the course acceptance i20 certificate issue, required for the USA visa application.

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